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Beauty care and detangling treatments for dogs and cats


Professional Detangler

100% Cosmetic Silicones

Detangles even the worst knots. Antistatic, non-toxic. Added shine. All breeds and coat types where detangling is required.

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Detangling Care

Bi-phase Silicone based Emulsion

Instant detangling anti-static. Non-toxic. All types of coat which need detangling.

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Jojoba spray

Nutri-Repair Care

Jojoba Oil - Anti UV B Filter - Vitamins B5, B6 & E

Nourishing, revitalising. Nutri-repair. All breeds with dry, broken or dull coats. For dry use.

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Shining care

For Ultra Shine

Active Lime Extract

Beauty care. Adds softness and shine to the coat. All breeds, all lengths of coat.

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Spray texture

Volume Spray

Volumising Tensio-actives - Provitamin B5

Volumising beauty care. Adds body to the coat. All breeds and coat types which need added volume. For dry use.

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Vital Force lotion

Keratin Lotion

Vegetable Keratin - Moisturizing Agents - Provitamin B5

This non rinse lotion with keratin repairs, revitalizes coats and facilitates disentangling. For all breeds, all coats.

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