Repellent collar for small dogs

Reference: ABN02

The repellent collar for dogs releases a continuous action to repel the parasites of your pet.

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REPELLENT COLLAR FOR DOG. Anju Beauté® collars combine Geraniol, Lavandula and Icaridine properties to repel effectively fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Stop using the treatment 15 days before the birth and while milking. I

Additional information

Weight 0.012 kg
Dimensions 11 × 2.5 × 18 cm

sold individually

Product composition LAVANDULA HYBRIDA (cas 91722-69-9) 45.00g/kg. GERANIOL (CAS 106-24-1) 2.95 g/kg. ICARIDINE (cas 119515-38-7) 43.65g/kg. Produit biocide TP19 - Répulsif. CARACTÉRISTIQUES : longueur 35 cm, poids 11 g.
Precautions for use Do not use on puppies under 4 months. Do not use this collar to attach or hold the dog. This collar has a safety system which allows it to break in the case of accidental hanging. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: May produce an allergic reaction.
Remove the collar from the pouch. Unwind the necklace, pull the tab as indicated on the plan and fasten it around your dog's neck: a correct fitting will enable two fingers to be comfortably inserted between the collar and the neck. Excess length of collar beyond the buckle should be cut and disposed of. This collar does not need to be removed when the animal is being bathed. Immediately efficient - replace every 3 months or if re-infestation with fleas or ticks is a risk.
All breeds of dogs

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