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We recommend to use this shampoo alone on hard and healthy skinned subjects. In case it is necessary to treat the hair or the skin with another specific shampoo of our cosmetic line, use Vitality Hair and Hair last shampoo.

Shampoo Vitalité Poils Durs

Reference: AN-104 (169 Fl.oz X 3) AN-100 (8,5 Fl.oz X 12) AN-101 (16,90 Fl.oz X 6) AN-102 (33,81 Fl.oz X 4) AN-103 (84,54 Fl.oz X 4) AN102 (33,81 Fl.oz) AN103 (84,54 Fl.oz) AN100 (8,5 Fl.oz) AN101 (16,9 Fl.oz) AN104 (169 Fl.oz)

Preserves the stiffness of wirehaired coats

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Shampoo based on active natural principles, designed for wire-haired dogs. It cleans the coat deeply without softening it, and keeping it in top condition while the use of plant extracts provides a refreshing sensation. Panama Bark Extract helps protect the skin due to the nourishing properties of its saponines. Its formula respects the structure of the coat, maintaining its’ crisp, closed texture giving the coat its rigid, crisp appearance. Provitamins enhance shine and hydration. VITALITÉ POILS DURS is ideal for terriers and all other wire-haired breeds.

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8,5 Fl.oz, 16,9 Fl.oz, 33,81 Fl.oz, 84,54 Fl.oz, 169 Fl.oz

Product composition PANAMA BARK - PROVITAMINS
contains A mixture of 5-chloro-2-methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one [No. CE 247-500-7]; 2- methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one [No. CE 220-239-6] (3:1),(55965-84-9)
Precautions for use May produce an allergic reaction (EUH208). Keep out of the reach of children.
Apply envenly to a wet coat, lather gently and leave to work for 2 to 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.
Suitable for all wirehaired dogs. Example: Fox terrier with hard hair - Jack Russel - Scottish terrier - Welsh terrier - Basset - Vendée Griffin - Belgian Griffin - Griffon Korthal - Dachshund with hard bristles - Schnauzer - Tibetan Mastiff - West highland. Some breeders use it to maintain the "crisp" of the Norwegian forest cat (Skogkatt).

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